H.O.A -Homeowners association Landscape Maintenance


HOA grounds maintenance.

We appreciate the huge task residents take on when they volunteer to serve on the Board of their Homeowners’ Association.  When you award your landscaping contract to Evergreen Landscaping Pro, you are handing the care of your grounds to a reliable, local company with 20 years’ experience in the field.

Evergreen Landscaping Pro,  has extensive experience of working both directly with Boards and HOA Offices, and of working through property management companies.   We currently manage programs which are ‘common grounds only’ and programs for ‘maintenance included’ communities.

We know that Presidents and Chairs of Landscape Committees rely on excellent communication from their contractors. 

Monthly (or quarterly if you prefer) quality inspections with a walk through of the property with all interested parties.  Please invite us to attend some of your Committee Meetings, we will be happy to attend.  We have a telephone number which is answered 24 hours a day
Condominium estates are frequently large and intricate in design.  When we take over the maintenance of your landscape we will work with you to ensure that we understand exactly what you expect for each part of your property.  We breakdown each section of the landscape into a detailed task list which lets our pruners, mowers, fertilization experts, etc., know what must be done on each visit.  Our crew leaders are then tasked with making sure each task is completed.

If you are a Maintenance Included Community.  We ensure that each homeowner understand which aspects of their private garden maintenance are, and are not, covered by their HOA fees.   We can also help homeowners understand the requirements of their HOA and support them to comply with the requirements even if the homeowner is absent.

If homeowners in a Maintenance Included Community decide to invest in redesigning or replanting their garden we offer each homeowner a 10% discount on the installation as recognition of their contribution to the beautification of the community.

If individual homeowners are responsible for the maintenance of their own gardens and we are given the contract to maintain the common grounds, we offer all homeowners in the community a 10% discount on any regular garden maintenance contract.  They will receive that 10% discount every month for as long as we are responsible for the HOA’s common grounds.

If you are a HOA or a Property Management Company based in or around Douglasville, Georgia (GA) and South of Atlanta, check our coverage area at the bottom of the page, please contact us on (404) 618-9289 or Evergreenlandscaping360@gmail.com and we will visit you landscape and provide a detailed proposal.